Kurt Jackson
Bees (and the odd wasp) in my bonnet

In the early 1980s, Kurt Jackson joined an expedition to the Venezuelan Amazon as part of his zoology studies at the University of Oxford. During this trip he collected specimens of a wasp thought to be new to science and made drawings of their nests. A lifelong interest in bees and wasps was born.

Kurt Jackson is now an acclaimed contemporary artist whose work is a celebration of the natural environment. Working from his base near St Just, West Cornwall, Jackson’s vision of nature is intrinsic to both his politics and his art.

In this exhibition Jackson draws on his more recent exploration of the world of bees and wasps, presenting this body of work publicly for the first time. Alongside his studio and plein air artworks is a display of every species of British bee, drawn from the Museum’s collections, as well as the latest scientific research.

With artwork informed by his experiences as a beekeeper in Cornwall, Bees (and the odd wasp) in my bonnet is a contemporary art and science response to the importance, diversity, and threats now facing many British species of bees and wasps.